Annual Circus

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2024 Circus Handbook

Circus 2024: “JUKEBOX”

Monday March 11th– Act 1 dress rehearsal 6:00pm

Tuesday March 12th – Act 2 dress rehearsal 6:00pm

Thursday March 14th – full run dress rehearsal 6:00pm

 Friday March 15th & 22nd 7:00pm

Saturday March 16th  & 23rd 2:00pm & 7:00pm

Sunday March 17th 1:00pm & 6:00pm

Sunday March 24th 2:00pm


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Important Dates: 
Open HouseAuditions, Circus registration,  Practice, Volunteer Sign Ups , Costume fittings, etc

Attendance for one of the two is required for all participants performing in a non-audition acts (see below for list of these acts). 

  • Sunday 08/13/23 @ 1pm – 3pm (anytime between these hours)
  • Sunday 9/10/23 @ 1pm – 3pm (anytime between these hours)

Open Act Assessments (Safety Auditions/Act Placement) at each open house and costume measurements. Please read handbook for all act requirements.

  • You must be a member by August 31st 2023 to receive the Member Circus rates.
  • Specialty Act Applications and fees due – September 3rd
  • Final Applications with $10 late fee per audition- September 7th
  • Specialty Act Auditions – September 9th 10am
  • Specialty Act results mailed by- September 13th
  • Online registration will begin – October 1st
  • Deadline for registration – October 31st – All fees and forms are due. (Registration fee, Costume fees and Volunteer deposits) Any exceptions made after this date will pay an additional $20 per act late fee.
  • First day of practice – January 7th Most practices are Sunday afternoons (Begin 1/8/23 through the show).  Advanced / Specialty acts times may vary. Silks, Static Trapeze and Webs practice TBA
  • New Family Orientation & Volunteer meeting – January 7th 1pm
  • Performance dates registration begins  – TBA
  • Last day to register for performance dates – TBA

Sign up now for Specialty Act Auditions

2024 Specialty Act Auditions for “JUKEBOX” will be held September 10th.

Times: 10am

  • We estimate the process will take most of the evening (hoping to be finished by 9pm), so please be prompt and prepared to stay for the entire audition period.
  • Costume measurements will be taken during this time.
  • No one will be allowed in the gym during audition process.
  • Each performer must submit an online application ahead of time along with a $10 application fee.
  • Application and fees are due September 3rd.
  • We will accept applications through September 7th, but there is an additional late fee of $10, bringing the total to $20 per performer.
  • NO applications will be accepted after September 7th.
  • The Specialty Act Audition Application can be filled out online beginning August 23rd.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Cindy Law at

Again, no applications or fees will be accepted after September 7th.

 Performance dates registration

We will have performance dates registration starting onTBA January 19th and must be completed by TBA. Registration is for dates NOT available.  You will be asked to choose 3 preferred dates, but these are NOT guaranteed.  Our goal is to give each performer at least 3 shows with all of their acts.  Their may be other shows that your performer may be requested or able to perform 1 or more of their acts but not necessarily all. We ask for your patience with this process as there are 175+ performers, 20+ acts, including partners, families and apparatus requirements when working out the schedule. Once the schedule is complete, only changes made will be canceled dates and/or mistakes on our part.  Changing one performer can change multiple performers. If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Standridge at With the subject line SHOW DATES

How do I get involved?

  • Register for our newsletter at the bottom of this page. You will receive our newsletters with information regarding Circus, Classes, Workshops, and more.
  • Sign up for 6-week sessions starting in August to prepare and condition your body for aerial arts. This is not a requirement for all acts, but it is for some.  The more experience you have in the air, the more your body is conditioned for strength and flexibility, the better your chances of making the act of your dreams.
  • Visit our Facebook site and YouTube channel to view some of our photos and videos of years past.
  • Become a member before August 31st 2023.  You will receive the member discount for Registration & Training Fees.  More fees do apply.
  • Volunteer!  Our Circus cannot succeed with the volunteers from our Circus Planning Committee, Directors, Instructors, and performers.  We want to hear about your gifts, experiences, and abilities as well as how much & when you are able to volunteer.

How much does it cost?

  • $165/individual or $265/family for Training & Registration Fee’s for non-members
  • $80/single or $130/family for Training & Registration Fee’s for Members.
  • 1 circus shirt is included with each performers registration ($5 to upgrade to a fitted Tee). All volunteers (floor crew, pole beaters, ladder pullers, web spinners, ect.) on the floor are required to wear a circus shirt, which normally cost $10-$16 / each.
  • Costumes are additional and do vary.

 For example:

  • Base costume – black bike shorts for the girls (worn every year).  Cost $25-$30, (you may try to find a used one from a circus performer that outgrew theirs. (we will order so all are the same)
  • Nude tights $6 children, $8 adults (we will order so all are the same)
  • Trapeze 1 (entry level) costume -$40 worn over the unitard.
  • Merry Go Round costume – $40 also worn over the unitard.

So, for a new performer that made the skills required to perform in Trapeze 1, Merry Go Round, and Tumbletrack (group act) the costume cost is $70-$100  The number of acts is up to the participant and limited to 4 acts maximum.  Advanced acts require auditions and prior circus training at our facility or equivalent (with permission)  and costumes are more expensive ranging from $55-$85. (All cost(s) are based on previous years total and subject to change each year.)

  • Some acts require  additional equipment and therefore additional fees.  For example, last year Juggling balls were an additional $15-20 but are reusable.  Hoops are an additional $20-25. These are examples and subject to change. Specialty acts require additional tights at $6 children, $8 adults a pair and multiple pairs are recommended.
  • Tickets to the shows are not included in the Registration and Training Fees.  Tickets can be purchased in advance for a discount.  Pre-ticket sales are $8 child and $12 adult.  Tickets sold at the door are $18 adult and $12 child.  One parent pass – 3 shows / $25 or all 9 shows %50. Ticket Prices are subject to change at any time and are listed as a guide for new families unfamiliar with the process.

 Who can sign up?

  • Everyone!
  • We encourage the entire family to participate.
  • Performers can start as young as 3 to perform in our circus.  We try to offer something for children of all ages.
  • We encourage parents get involved with performing in the act, help with running the show, decorates, assemble costumes, run concession, work the spot lights, lift and drop equipment lines, move props, keep performers lined up, teach, plan, or even learn how to catch their children in mid air!


  • Our program succeeds on volunteer support.
  • We require each performer / family to volunteer for a minimum of 15 hours + either setup or tear down.  We have volunteer positions for every skill set and can certainly fill as many has as you have to give.  There is a volunteer opt-out fee that can be paid if unable to volunteer the minimum requirements.